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Deploying to Azure Websites and SQL

1 day(s)
azure | cloud | microservices | web development

Running your own data-center just isn’t necessary any longer.
While jumping into the microservices and container world makes
sense for some types of apps, sometimes we just need a way to deploy
our forms-over-data apps to the web. That’s where Azure Websites and
Azure SQL Server come in.

In this one day workshop, we’ll show you the basics of deployment
of all types of web projects to the Azure’s cloud.


  • Making Sense of the Cloud
    • Just Someone Else’s Computer?
    • Security and the Cloud
    • Scaling in the Cloud
  • Azure AppServices
    • What are AppServices?
    • Deploying to AppServices
    • Using Azure for Continous Integration
    • Configuration in AppServices
    • Logging in AppServices
    • Debugging in AppServices
  • Azure SQL
    • Do You Need a Database?
    • Adding a SQL Server
    • Scaling Choices in Azure SQL
    • Deploying Databases to Azure SQL
    • Backups in Azure SQL
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