Open positions

We're actively looking for more resources that are focused on client-driven development using best practices. It is important that you understand and are excited about our methodology. Read more about that on our Our Process page. Here are some of the types of people we're looking for:

UX Designer

The right resources should be adept in user interface development for the web and the next generation of apps including for the web, Windows 8, iOS, Android and/or Windows Phone.

JavaScript Developer

Are you interested in doing the web, the right way? Do you know about the best new JavaScript frameworks before anyone else? Did you write a jQuery plugin? If so, you're the kind of person we're looking for.

XAML Developer

Passionate about data binding? Love working with Blend? Ready to write Metro-style apps? Then bring it on!


Do any of these opportunities sound right? Contact us to let us know why you think you're the right fit for Wilder Minds.

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