Are You Ready for Silverlight 5?

The Silverlight Tour Workshop is a three-day course on Silverlight. It divides the content into three distinct areas: Design, Development and the Server-Side. Students should be able to develop Silverlight applications once attending the workshop. The Workshop is structured with a mix of lessons, demonstrations and hands-on labs. Each student will leave the workshop having created several small Silverlight applications. This variety of learning techniques will ensure that all students become proficient in the technology quickly and in an exciting way.


Introducing Silverlight
  • Why Silverlight
  • What is Silverlight?
  • Hello Silverlight
  • Silverlight and .NET
  • UI Development Choice
  • What is XAML
  • Layout Elements
  • Drawing with XAML
  • Shapes, Brushes, and Geometries
  • Text, Fonts and Media
  • Transformations
  • Animation and Storyboards
  • Projections
  • Shader Effects
  • Easing Functions
  • Using Behaviors
  • Using Expression Blend
  • Using Visual Studio Designer
  • Integrating Other Design Tools
Control Model
  • Simple Controls
  • Content Controls
  • List Controls
  • Tooltips
  • Silverlight Toolkit Controls
  • Reusable Resources (Skinning)
  • Styling
  • Hosting Silverlight
  • Application Files
  • The Base Class Library
  • Interrogating the XAML
  • Working with Events
  • Controlling Animations
  • Navigation Applications
  • Printing
  • Notification Windows
  • Drag-n-Drop
  • Clipboard Access
  • Threading
  • Out of the Browser
  • Elevated Trust Applications
  • COM Integration
  • Understanding Silverlight Security
  • Protecting Your IP
Resource Management
  • Resource Packaging
  • Accessing XAP Resources
  • Working with ZIP Files
  • Downloading from Servers
  • Client HTTP Stack
  • File Access
  • Isolated Storage
Data Binding
  • Binding Syntax
  • Data Contexts
  • OneWay/TwoWay Binding
  • Collection Binding
  • Hierarchical Binding
  • Binding Notification
  • Data Templates
  • Converters
  • Commanding
  • String Formatting
  • Fallback and Null Binding
  • Binding Failures
  • Validation Errors
  • Using LINQ
  • Using XML
  • Using JSON
Control Customization
  • Control Composition
  • Control Templates
  • Visual State Manager
  • User Controls
  • Dependency Properties
  • Integrating User Controls
  • Refactoring Using Blend
Data Access Strategies
  • ASP.NET Web Services
  • WCF Web Services
  • WCF Data Services
  • WCF RIA Services
  • Using Binary XML
  • Network Security
  • Working Offline
Architecting Applications
  • Why Silverlight is Different
  • Model-View-ViewModel
  • Models in Silverlight
  • Building ViewModels
  • Building Views
  • Databinding with MVVM
  • Importance of Messaging
Unit Testing Silverlight
  • What is Unit Testing
  • Using the Test Framework
  • Writing Unit Tests
  • Asynchronous Testing
  • Service Testing
  • Role of Mocking
  • Integration Testing
  • Build Integration

Course Info

3 days

Silverlight is about building Internet applications so experience building web applications is encouraged. In addition, since Silverlight utilizes .NET to build online experiences, familiarity with .NET is suggested. No specific experience with WPF or XAML is necessary.

Printable Course Outline

What Students Think!

Excellent class, very well structured and presented. Q & A most valuable.
Gary Young - Aquire, Inc.
Great session - depth of material coverage was excellent and Shawn was very knowledgeable and helpful in teaching us all what's currently available for Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1.
Jamie Tehonica - Ruby Digital, Inc.
The class was great. Just the kind I wanted. A fast pace deep introduction.
Sujit Kar - Medical University of South Carolina
If you are looking to learn from scratch or revamp your current knowledge, this is the class for you!
David Blaise - Innosource Business Solutions
Shawn gave an excellent crash course that has me looking forward to the power of Silverlight 1.1 2.0!
Richard Eppes - Intermark Interactive
Excellent course beginners and experts to know everything about Silverlight 2. This is the course to be on.
Stephen Olner - Choctaw Casios
I did not feel like I could ask a question that Mr. Wildermuth could not answer. He obviously knows his stuff!
Wade Anderson - Oceaneering International, Inc.
Shawn's Silverlight 2 training is excellent.
Chenghai Zhang - Smith International
I thought it was a great class. Thanks!
John Harvey - Microsoft Corp.
Great class! Covers everything you need to know about building Silverlight apps.
Frank LaVigne - Applied Information Sciences
If you are looking to explore the possibilities of Silverlight as well as understand its current limitations, this class is a must!
Luke Hamilton - Avenue A | Razorfish
Your treatment of Silverlight is engaging, to the point, and comprehensive. Your deep understaning of the web coupled with your expertise on Data makes the course compelling. Your teaching style is impressively calm and reassuring.
Satya Komatineni - EACE
Shawn is very knowledgeable and held up very well.
Lindsay Rutter - Microsoft Corp.
Shawn took the mystery out of Silverlight
Russ Fustino - Microsoft Corp.
This course opened my eyes to the world of possibilities by using Silverlight.
Patrick O'Connor - WideMile
Very nice course for those who wish to ramp up fast.
Ian Clausen - Akona Consulting
This is the class to get all your Silverlight questions answered.
Troy Nolen - Microsoft Inc.
Shawn is an excellent instructor and really explains everything well.
Thomas Woods - QS/1 Data Systems
Shawn has a great method for showing the students a clear-cut way to go about learning Silverlight in-depth.
T. Gregory Knox - Online Development Inc.
All my questions about Silverlight are gone now that I have attended the Tour.
Venkat Polisetti
As a designer, it was great to understand how Silverlight lives in that specific area where coders and designers can meet...
Adam Bullock - Pinnacle Marketing Group
I came looking for a reason why Silverlight couldn't work for me and I am leaving very excited to get working on implementing it in my app!
Dave Zehner - RDA Corp.
Excellent Workshop. This was just what I needed and then some!
Eric Wald - Misys Healthcare Systems
The instructor is very knowledgeable about the topic and he answered all of my questions.
Andy Diep - Yang Ming America
A great class. Well worth the time and investment. Shawn knows the product and explains it very clearly.
Peter Wezenaar - Intelligent Software
An excellent interactive introduction to Silverlight led by an expert on the subject.
Brad Johnson -
Excellent real-world training for business application developers.
Scott St. Cyr - Cyrious Software
Very good intro to the concepts of Silverligfht 2
Lee Williamson - Portland Area .NET Users Group
Excellent class. Very informative. Wonderful presentation!
Jennifer Turay - Providence Health and Services
Shawn Wildermuth's Silverlight class was just the right amount of detail for a newcomer. Not too shallow or too deep.
Chris Harden - BSquare
The Silverlight Tour experience provided an excellent, concise context for the applications we build.
David Seruyange - Daktronics Inc.
A-to-Z information about Silverlight. Concepts were explained very well with good examples.
Praveen Arneja - Areva
Excellent course - I will definitely recommend it to others. The Blend discussion and samples helped me understand everything very well.
Alex Vasquez - Purepay Receivables Automation