Ramping up your Silverlight Experience

Once you have spent some time inside of Silverlight and had time to stretch your legs, it might be time to dig a little deeper. That is where the Advanced Silverlight workshop comes in.

In this two day course, students will learn the next level of creating exceptional applications in Silverlight 4. They will be steeped in the tools to build large, scalable applications using techniques like MVVM, inversion of control, separating concerns, advanced data access, Silverlight testing and custom control development.


Architecting for Silverlight
  • Why Silverlight is Different
  • Model-View-ViewModel
  • Commanding
  • Data Binding
  • Messaging
Building Composite Applications
  • Why Composition?
  • Dependency Injection
  • Composition with Prism
  • Composition with MEF
  • Working with Large Teams
Testing Silverlight
  • Using the Test Framework
  • Unit Testing
  • Asynchronous Testing
  • Service Testing
  • Mocking Services
  • Integration Testing
  • Build Integration
Managing Data
  • Picking a Data Layer
  • Change Management
  • Security of Data in Silverlight
  • Integration with Existing Data
  • WCF Data Services
  • WCF RIA Services
Custom Controls
  • Why a Custom Control
  • Derivation Schemes
  • Custom Layout Containers
  • Control Templates
  • Supporting Blend
  • Packaging

Course Info

2 days

Students should be well versed in the basics of Silverlight including using managed code, XAML and the tools. This course is a natural follow-on course for students of the Silverlight Workshop. Attendance to the Silverlight Workshop is not a requirement, but students of the class should have a full understanding of all the topics discussed in that course.

Printable Course Outline

What Students Think!

Shawn knows his material and is excellent at answering questions on the fly with a quick demo that shows the solution.
Richard Bloom - Kalos Inc.
Shawn was patient and knowledgeable, this class will be a direct benefit from day one back at the office.
David Seruyange - Daktronics Inc.