Code Quality

When having code developed outside by third parties, you must be aware that the code written becomes your code as the project progresses. This understanding is crucial because that means your team-members must be able to take over that code. Because of this the quality of the code built for you must be exceptional. This isn't always the case when you're outsourcing to the lowest common denominator.

At Wilder Minds, we think this should be different. You're coming to us for our expertise; not just in building on new platforms but also as a learning experience for your existing developers. Any code we hand over should be an exemplar of the right way to build code. This means we take seriously the task of creating great code, not just quick code.


It's your code; why can't you see it being made? That's a great question and one that every company who farms out development work should ask. Our process specifically makes sure that our clients can see the state of a project at every point in the project. This means that our clients can see the code, the story cards, the specifications and time reports (et al.) during the development cycle. You shouldn't have to live with periodic updates, code drops or black boxes. Whether we use your existing source code infrastructure, or expose our process; you will have access to every part of the project from inception to delivery. That is our promise to you.